Video Monitoring

  • 5-Diamond Rated by the Central Station Alarm Association or C.S.A.A.
  • Listed by the Underwriters Laboratory or U.L.

  • Wireless Monitoring from $38.99/month
  • Upgrade to Automation for just $2.99/month additional

Added Protection

Video Monitoring in Melbourne FL

Constant Awareness

Just because you’re not at your Melbourne or Brevard home, doesn’t mean you can’t know what’s going on there. With Video Monitoring from SecurPoint Security, you can be constantly aware of the activity at your home without having to think about it 24/7. With live video, video recording and alerts sent straight to your mobile device, if something happens you want to know about, we’ve got your back. If you have a small business, we can offer the same peace of mind with constant access to the happenings at your location(s).

Live Video Streaming

With our free mobile application, you can view live video from your Melbourne and Brevard home anytime you want. View multiple cameras at once, or choose single screen. You can even view multiple properties from the same app. Optimize the format, size and quality to ensure the perfect view from your device. The video monitoring portion of our home management website provides the tools to adjust and manage your cameras and view live streaming video at full quality, so you can make the most of your surveillance system.

Text and Email Alerts

Want to know when the back door opens, when a restricted area is accessed or when a specific person uses their code to disarm the alarm system? With video monitoring, you can know in an instant. Simply activate video alerts and choose when and how you want to be notified. You can have text messages with video clips sent to specific and/or multiple devices for each type of alert. For example, mom’s cell phone can get a text and video when the kids get home from school and use their code to unlock the front door. Dad can get an email at work when the thermostat is adjusted, and both can get a text when the liquor cabinet is opened.

For businesses, the possibilities are endless. Know when a restricted area is accessed, when a certain door opens outside of business hours, or exactly when a particular employee gets in. With a recorded video clip, you’ll have the proof you need to confront or commend the individual.  Learn more about business video monitoring here.

Record in Response to Motion

Most surveillance systems have this feature, but not all are as handy as the motion recording feature including with SecurPoint Security’s video monitoring. You select the camera, the schedule and the exact spot you want to trigger a recording. For example, you can choose to have the camera at your front door record a clip only when the door knob moves, and only between the hours of Midnight and 6:00 a.m. on Tuesdays. With many surveillance systems you wouldn’t be able to select only the doorknob or only specific times and would be overwhelmed with far too many unnecessary recordings.

Record on Schedule

Perhaps you only want to know about activity on the weekend, or overnight. Use our state-of-the-art website to program the times and days you want to record. Choose specific cameras and specific events, or choose continuous recording if you prefer. Be aware, however that our standard video monitoring package comes with 50 mbs of storage. Continuous recording can use that storage space quickly and makes finding specific footage difficult. Most often it is better to customize recording schedules to exactly what you want to know about. Don’t worry – our website makes it super easy!

Record when Specific Events Occur

This is the most unique feature of our video monitoring system. Because our cameras are integrated with your security and/or home automation system, it gives you the ability to pinpoint just what recording is needed based on the events of the alarm system, door locks, lights, garage door, thermostats, door and window sensors and more.

Here are some options:

  • When a door is unlocked using a specific code
  • When the alarm system is disarmed
  • When the thermostat is adjusted
  • When the back door is opened
  • When the garage door opens after midnight
  • When the medicine cabinet is opened

Our website makes it easy to record exactly what you want to see in a custom configuration that is just right for you.

Easily Find Recorded Clips

So, once you have these recordings, what do you do with them? Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend hours watching endless tape trying to find what you need. Instead, you can quickly and easily search your library of recorded clips online any time you want. If you use video alerts, you can save any video clips you receive from text or email notifications immediately, and you may not even need to search your library.

Easy and Affordable

Video monitoring in Melbourne and Brevard doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With only affordable quality day/night cameras to choose from, you need only decide if you want your cameras inside or outside, and if you want them to be able to move and zoom. For just a few dollars more per month, you can add video monitoring to your smart security package. Call our experts today for more information (855) 732-8701, or click the button below.

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Video Monitoring

Adding video to your security system makes it even more useful, adding another layer of protection and awareness. Affordable video monitoring from SecurPoint Security means you can quickly view live video on your mobile device, receive text or email alerts with recorded video, and easily find clips in your online library. Because video monitoring is integrated with your alarm system, you can record based on system events such as a particular door opening, an alarm occurring, when a specific user code is used to unlock a door, or when motion occurs in a specific area. Learn more by clicking on a topic below, or call us today.


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