Monitored Fire Protection

SecurPoint Security recommends at least one monitored smoke/heat detector to ensure the safety of your family and Melbourne or Brevard home in case of fire. In the event a fire occurs, the fire department will be notified even if you are not home or if the alarm system is not armed, saving precious minutes.

Our Monitored Smoke Detectors:

  • Are Always On. (even if you don’t arm your security system)
  • Alert the Fire Department and You. (even when you are not home)
  • Detect Smoke and/or Heat. (a rapid rise in heat can indicate a fire before smoke is detected)
  • Are Highly Accurate. (our photoelectric detectors are more advanced than the ionization detectors home builders install)
  • Are Not Prone to False Alarms. (unlike builder-installed smoke detectors)
  • Don’t Need Batteries. (unless they are wireless smoke detectors)

Save Even More!

Some homeowner’s insurance companies give an additional discount for monitored fire protection, on top of the standard discount for a monitored alarm system. Check with your insurance agent to see if the extra discount applies to you and your Melbourne or Brevard home.

SecurPoint installs and monitors smoke/heat detectors according to the current NFPA fire code.

Most homes only require 1 or 2 monitored smoke/heat detectors if they are up to the current fire code.

Your home may require additional smoke detectors, wiring, or sirens to bring it up to code, especially if it was built prior to 1997. Homes meeting the current fire code will have a smoke detector outside and inside each bedroom on each level, with appropriate fire-rated wiring and correct number of sirens.

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