Medical Monitoring

An Emergency Button and SO MUCH MORE.

SecurPoint Security’s Wellness feature includes a panic button for the wall, wrist or neck, and operators who can speak directly into the home and dispatch emergency personnel if needed. The button however, is only a small part of what Wellness has to offer. It can also analyze activity, alert you when necessary, automate daily tasks and give you remote access to the home.
Make sure your loved one gets help when they need it, even  they can’t (or don’t remember to) push the button.

Instant Text / Email Alerts

Find out right away if something is out of the ordinary in your Melbourne and Brevard home. Text messages or emails can be sent instantly to the contacts you specify. Include video clips or images from an image sensor.

Video Monitoring

Add cameras to view live streaming video on your phone, tablet or computer. Record based on system event triggers, motion and/or schedule. Easily search a library of clips, and play them back on your mobile device.

Simplify Daily Tasks

Automate you Melbourne and Brevard home settings for temperature, light and security to take the pressure off a forgetful family member. Customize rules and schedules to ensure the most comfortable environment and efficient performance. Control lights, door locks, thermostats and the alarm system from your smart phone or other mobile device.

Don’t waste money on just an emergency button, and don’t wait for an emergency to know something is wrong. Add Wellness today.

Some restrictions apply. Call for details (855) 732-8701.


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