Home Security

Home Security

From basic security and alarm monitoring, to smart security and home automation, SecurPoint Security has the perfect solution for your Melbourne and Palm Bay FL home. Our experts can help you design the perfect home security system package to fit your needs and budget. View the chart below to better understand the options that are available with each package. We would love to help make your Melbourne and Palm Bay FL home Safe, Simple and Secure. Call us today (855) 732-8701!



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Advanced Protection Remote Access and Email/Text Alerts

Free 2 Way Voice Security Camera or Doorbell Video Camera with all Installed Home Security Systems by SecurPoint Your Local Security Experts

  • Main control panel
  • Back-up Battery
  • Siren
  • Keypad
  • Pet Smart Motion Detector
  • 3 Openings Covered
  • Cell Communicator
  • Full Remote access APP and Email and Text MSG alerts

* 49 activation fee
* Phone line not required

Elite Protection


Complete automation Package

Free 2 Way Voice Security Camera or Doorbell Video Camera with all Installed Home Security Systems by SecurPoint Your Local Security Experts

  • Main control panel
  • Back-up Battery
  • Siren
  • Keypad
  • Pet Smart Motion Detector
  • Up to 15 Openings Covered
  • Cell Communicator
  • Remote Access and Automation app w/Text and Email alerts
  • Smart Door Bell with Camera
  • Garage Door Control Unit
  • Auto Door Lock

* $149 activation fee
* Phone line not required

The Home Security System

Even though it has been more than 200 years since its invention, a home security system is still the best way to protect your home in Melbourne and Palm Bay FL or anywhere else. Dogs can’t call 911, guns can’t shoot if nobody’s home, and relying on neighbors to keep an eye on your property just isn’t feasible anymore.
An Interesting History

The home security system was developed around 1850 by Edwin Holmes. He installed over 1200 burglar alarms in New York by 1866, and began offering alarm monitoring in 1877. He became president of Bell Telephone Company, and even though he sold his interest 2 years later, kept his rights to use the phone lines to monitor alarms.

We’ve Come A Long Way Baby

For a very long time, security systems for home use hardly changed. New sensors were developed, like photoelectric smoke detectors, glassbreak detectors and motion detectors with pet immunity, but the basic functions remained the same. A sensor was tripped, the siren sounded, and the security system sent a signal over a phone line to a central alarm monitoring station.

Now, smart security systems send signals both ways, constantly communicating even when the alarm isn’t armed.   A home phone line isn’t even necessary with wireless alarm monitoring

Finding The Right Fit

As you can see from the chart above, there are many options when it comes to designing a home security system. Choosing the features that are right for you can be a daunting task. Our experts can help create a custom solution for your Melbourne and Palm Bay home and family over the phone or in person.

The most obvious factors to consider are the layout of your home and the areas that need protection. How many doors and windows lead to the outside? Do you want to use contacts or glassbreak detectors to protect your windows? How many motion detectors are needed, and where should they be located?

Next, decide if you want Fire Protection. Monitored smoke detectors alert the fire department even when you are not home, and are always on, even if you don’t arm your home security system. New technology protects against false alarms, and in some cases existing detectors can even be used.

Now, for the fun part! Besides protecting your home from burglary, fire and medical emergencies, a home alarm system can add convenience and efficiency to your life with Smart Home Automation.

Get Smart

Don’t just protect your home, make it run smoother! With features like text message reminders when you leave your garage door open too long or forget to lock the back door when you leave, combined with the ability to close and lock them from your cell phone, this home security system is a whole lot smarter.

Know when the kids come home and what they do when they get there. Get notified when restricted areas like the safe or liquor cabinet are accessed. Program schedules for lighting, thermostats and more. This new alarm system does way more than burglar alarms of the past. Learn More.

Use your smart phone to:

  • Lock & Unlock Doors
  • Turn Lights on & Off
  • Adjust Thermostats
  • View Live & Recorded Video
  • Open & Close Garage Doors
  • Get Text & Email Alerts

Start Saving Money

A smart home security system with Energy Management can help you save money on your energy bills with smart schedules and automated control for lighting, appliances, heating and cooling. Automatically adjust your home’s temperature, so you’re not wasting money heating or cooling your home when you’re not there.

A monitored alarm system also earns a discount up to 20% on your homeowner’s insurance premium. Combine that discount with your energy savings and a great price on your new alarm system, and you’ll be filling up that piggy bank in no time.

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With so many reasons to love our home security system, there’s no reason to wait. Call SecurPoint Security today for a great deal on a burglar alarm you will appreciate for years to come in your Melbourne and Palm Bay home.

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