Intelligent, Reliable IP Video Surveillance – 24/7

SecurPoint offers a wide range of affordable, easy-to-use security solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in Melbourne and Central FL. From network video recorders to visible and thermal security cameras, SecurPoint has a system that will protect your Melbourne FL business today, and expand as your security needs grow in the future.

SecurPoint professional IP Video Management Systems offer an unmatched, integrated end-to-end surveillance system ranging from feature rich visible cameras to the most advanced thermal security cameras and smarter analytics.

Small to Medium Enterprise

SecurPoint combines unmatched enterprise-grade quality, reliability and scalability in a sized-to-fit solution for small to medium sized businesses in Melbourne and Central FL.

Perimeter Protection

SecurPoint offers the most complete and advanced thermal security cameras available in Melbourne and Central FL, provides 24/7 perimeter protection performance, in adverse conditions and makes analytics ever smarter in any system.

Large Enterprise

With partners like FLIR we offer a wide variety offerings and solutions including FLIR’s open-platform solutions offer the most complete end-to-end system that integrates FLIR’s VMS, thermal and visible cameras and analytics.


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